Welcome to the NovaDB home.

What is it?

NovaDB is a cloud computing platform initially designed for equity trending and analysis. ¬†The project is currently unfinished however contains the code for the following functionality: clustering and secure communication (hybrid RSA/AES crypto system using crypto++ and network sockets), virtual filesystem for hashfiles, tables, patterns, meta-patterns and a few other db objects, processing stacks (runtime-compiled pattern processing stacks). ¬†NovaDB is designed to handle static or real time streaming data (so you don’t have to process all your aggregates on batch jobs or by hand).

Why is it being released?

I’ve been working on this cloud computing platform for nearly a year now amongst other projects, and the feedback I’ve gotten from people to see the frontend (very incomplete) portion thus far has been that I should make the GUI open source – I did so a few weeks back and am now posting the backend (no HTTP/HTTPS server has been embedded to host the GUI front-end as of yet).

Who is contributing to the project?

At present, just myself (Cory J. Geesaman). If you would like to contribute to this project get ahold of me and I’m sure I’d be happy to work with you.

Who can help me implement this?

Well, if not yourself then I’m available through my corporation Novorum Inc – send an email and you should receive a reply pretty quickly.